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The world’s recent scare with Covid-19 means that a country’s healthcare is now high on the list for desirability factors. Whether you come from a country with free healthcare or paid, Canada’s medical sector is a draw.


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Canada has a publicly funded health care system for all its residents. It has adapted dramatically over the last 40 years and remains cutting edge and effective. It offers universal healthcare coverage for all medically necessary services – your costs are covered based on need, rather than your bank balance. The system is called Medicare.

How it Works

Our free healthcare network is broken up into 10 provincial and 3 territorial health systems to ensure nationwide coverage, which is no mean feat when you have such a sprawling and varied terrain.

When you’re sick, you will visit your Primary Health Care Services, such as doctors and nurses. They will assess your needs and make sure you are sent through the system to those best suited for your care, whether this is a specialist, hospital or simple treatment.

Our Primary Health Care Services are expanding all the time and cover prevention and treatment of common ailments, referrals, child development, rehabilitation and much more.

Secondary Health Care Services

If you need to be referred for further treatment with a specialist or in a hospital, this is also covered by Medicare. If you need home or continuing care services, these are not covered by the Canada Health Act, but your province or territory will provide it free of charge.

The 5 Canada Health Act Principles

The government website lists these as the 5 key principles of our healthcare system:

  1. Public Administration: The provincial and territorial plans must be administered and operated on a non-profit basis by a public authority accountable to the provincial or territorial government.
  2. Comprehensiveness: The provincial and territorial plans must insure all medically necessary services provided by hospitals, medical practitioners and dentists working within a hospital setting.
  3. Universality: The provincial and territorial plans must entitle all insured persons to health insurance coverage on uniform terms and conditions.
  4. Accessibility: The provincial and territorial plans must provide all insured persons reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services without financial or other barriers.
  5. Portability: The provincial and territorial plans must cover all insured persons when they move to another province or territory within Canada and when they travel abroad. The provinces and territories have some limits on coverage for services provided outside Canada and may require prior approval for non-emergency services delivered outside their jurisdiction.

The Important Matters

Canadian healthcare is free because Canada puts its people ahead of profits, and as an immigrant, you can enjoy the same healthcare as we do.

Our healthcare is in the top 30 in the world, and you will never have to worry about whether you can afford to be treated.

From the day you arrive in Canada with a Visa, you are treated just like those who were born here. You and your family will know that Canada’s top-rate health professionals will be there when you need them.

Next Steps

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