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All successful business owners are forward-focused. You must always be looking for the next opportunity or the next expansion, but it is also important to look to the future to maintain the status quo. If you, or any of your staff, are looking to retire, move onto other projects or move to pastures new, it is essential that your succession plan is ready to go.


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Succession planning is something often put off as we don’t like to think about staff leaving or retiring, but it can also be required in times of expansion. All businesses need their strategies locked down tight to minimize stress and disruption when the time comes.

What is Succession Planning?
Succession planning involves creating a strategy to fill any staff or skill gaps before you need to. If crucial staff members leave, or their skills are required elsewhere, you could end up scrambling to get back up to speed if you don’t have a good succession plan in place.
The aim is to provide your business with a consistent level of skills and staff, to ensure your business survives any storm.

How Frontier can help
A recent article by the Government of New Brunswick served to highlight the importance of succession planning for local business owners. It highlighted the risks as an aging workforce, increased turnover rates and fast-paced changes in work.

While we understand you may not want to plan for tomorrow in this regard, with our help you will have an air-tight succession plan in place that will futureproof your business. We will help you identify the crucial skills and members of staff and then set about strategizing their replacement should it be required.

Why Us?
Frontier Immigration Services (Canada) have access to a wide pool of potential staff that we have vetted to the highest degree (we are ICCRC registered). Our COO, Michelle Alcorn, has coached countless businesses and will guide you to a succession plan that has your business’ best interests at heart. We understand that your business is unlike any other and that your staff bring unique skill combinations.

Not everything in business can be planned for, but with our help, succession planning will be one tick off the list!

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The Team at Froniter Immigration Services was able to identify areas I didn't even realize were weak, and they helped me develop a long term plan to address my future concerns.

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