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To facilitate immigration in Canada there are both Federal and Provincial programs offered. Currently there are more than 70 different programs offered in Canada. Some programs are designed and are unique to a specific province and others are offered federally. It is our commitment to advise you on the most suitable program to apply for.

Most programs are merit based and applicants must prove that they have the required education, language, and experience to qualify. The most successful applicants score very high in these abilities. Immigration Refugee and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) recognizes foreign education if verified. Verification must be obtained from an approved agency. Language abilities are determined by the results of an approved test IELTS, CELPIP or TEF.

A valid job offer may increase your chances to immigrate; however, you will still need to meet IRCC or Provincial (PNP) Eligibility Requirements. Therefore, we need to do a Preliminary Assement to verify that you meet eligibility requirements. Also, during this step we evaluate your profile to see the best path forward.

Frontier Canada Immigration Services

Regardless of how you are looking at moving to Canada the following information is important regarding the documents that will be required.

  • The Medical Examination Confirmation
  • Police Certificates (PCs)
  • The Copy of Passport / Travel Document Bio Data Page
  • The Proof of Work Experience
  • The Proof of Funds

The are other documents that you will be required to submit, recommend you gather all of these and be ready as they may be requested. Any delay in documents will delay your file.

Applicants might need to submit these documents based on their personal circumstances as well as those of the applicants’ dependents.

We need these additional documents to avoid rejection:

  • The Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • The Proof of Studies
  • The Provincial or Territorial Certificate of Qualification  
  •  The Letter of Offer from the Employer
  •  The Use of a Representative Form [IMM 5476]
  •  The Evidence of a Common-Law Union and Cohabitation
  •  The Marriage Certificate
  •  The Divorce Certificate and the Legal Separation Agreement
  •  The Death Certificate
  •  The Adoption Certificate

Applicants would need to submit the following documents as part of their electronic Applications for Permanent Residence (e-APRs) in their MyCIC accounts. The submission of these documents would typically depend on the situation applicable to them. It is worth noting that the system does not let applicants submit their electronic Applications for Permanent Residence (e-APRs) until the applicants have uploaded the documents into the applicable fields provided.

In addition, the authorities could also consider refusing applications if the processing office does not have sufficient information on file for satisfying themselves that the applicants meets the requirements of the program to which they are applying.

  • The Proof of Relationship to a Relative in Canada, the Status of the Relative in Canada and the Residence Status of the Relative in Canada
  •  Digital Photographs
  • The Other Name Documents 
  •  The Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual Form (IMM 5475)
  •  The Documents Related to the Electronic Applications for Permanent Residence (e-APRs) Not Captured in Other Fields

Source: Citizenship and Immigration

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